Vertex Effects launches Ultraphonix OD

This pedal is engineered to recreate the sound of the famed Dumble Overdrive Special amp.

Vertex Ultraphonix

If you’ve always wanted to achieve the creamy and rich tones of the Dumble Overdrive Special amplifier but can’t fork out tens of thousands of dollars for it, here’s some good news. Vertex Effects has launched a new stompbox that it contends is able to “accurately re-create the iconic D-style tone.”

While the jury is still out on that, we do know one thing for sure: The Ultraphonix is a 100% analog dirt box. It has three simple controls: “Volume,” “Filter” and “Gain” so you won’t have to tinker about too much to get that rich D-style tone. And as an added touch of authenticity, the rugged unit also features the same font stylings as the iconic amplifier.

Listen to the pedal here, and see if you can tell the pedal from the amp.

Lists for $199.99. More information at


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