Victory Amps VX100 Super Kraken
The VX100 Super Kraken

Is there any limit to how monstrous an amp can get? The answer by Victory Amps is a resounding “No.” At Winter NAMM 2018, the British company unleashed new versions of its popular Kraken and Countess models that pack even more power and features under the hood—introducing the VX100 Super Kraken and the V30 Countess MKII.

The VX100 Super Kraken

This 100-watt behemoth—that’s twice the power of its predecessor—comes with two channels: Gain I and II, which are British- and US-inspired drive channels, respectively. But unlike the VX50, this one has a clean mode: It’s on the Gain I channel, and can be triggered via a footswitch.

Other star features of the Super Kraken come in the forms of a Preamp Focus and a Poweramp Bass Focus. The former tightens up the low frequencies to create a Tube Screamer-esque boost, while the latter gives you the choice between a more resonant bass and a tighter one.

The V30 Countess MKII

Victory Amps V30 Countess MKII

It’s much smaller, but the Countess MKII still packs some serious punch. Developed in collaboration with Guthrie Govan, the 42-watt, twin-channel tube amp has a footswitchable crunch mode on its clean channel, opening up a whole palette of tones that span from a mild overdrive to classic rock distortion.

The MKII’s power amp also features a “Nomod” function that, when activated, tightens up the bass response of your signal. And like its predecessor, the new Countess is equipped with a low-power mode that drops its output to seven watts, making this amp perfect for the studio and smaller gigs.

The V30 Countess MKII lists for GBP999 while the VX100 Super Kraken lists for GBP1,399. For more information, check out

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The back of the VX100 Super Kraken
Victory Amps V30 Countess MKII back
The back of the V30 Countess MKII