Want your precious guitar to float over your wall?

With the Hoverguitar, flaunt your six-string like the work of art it is.

Hoverguitar Kickstarter

Regular wall mounts are great for showing off your prized guitar, but for a truly ‘invisible’ mounting solution, this Kickstarter project has them beat. The Hoverguitar does exactly what it says on the tin: It conjures the illusion of your instrument floating over your wall.

The Hoverguitar comprises custom-designed ‘Super Slug’ and ‘Super Toaster’ components. The former is a male-type hook that you’re meant to affix to your wall. And the latter is a female-style ‘holder’ inserted behind your guitar’s neck plate—no drilling or gluing necessary, and it’s completely reversible—that slides into the Super Slug.

Once that’s done, you won’t be able to see either component when your guitar’s hung up vertically, horizontally or diagonally. And whipping your axe off to play is as easily done with the Hoverguitar as on a typical wall mount. However, the system at this point only works with rectangular-style neck plates, like those on most Fenders.

Take a closer look here:

For more information, check out the Hoverguitar Kickstarter page.


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