Watch Jared Scharff demo his new Walrus Kangra pedal

Watch Saturday Night Live guitarist demo the unique and atmospheric sounds that can be pulled out of his new Kangra filter/fuzz.

The Walrus Audio Kangra is one of the most interesting new effects pedals we’ve seen this year, with the box’s blend of filter and fuzz effects offering some very exciting and esoteric sounds between the two sides of its personality. 

One of the most powerful features of the pedal’s design is the way that the expression pedal can be used to manipulate the filter’s sound either independently on in conjunction with the fuzz side. 


Jared Scharff, the Saturday Night Live and Pearl Lion guitarist who developed the pedal with Walrus Audio, clearly feels strongly about showing off the full potential of the pedal, and so he’s made a pair of videos to demonstrate the Kangra’s hidden power, and its usability alongside other esoteric effects. 

Created with a full-band set-up as part of Walrus’s Pedals Played series, the first video demonstrates the Kangra’s filter mode in conjunction with an expression pedal, while the second shows off how it works alongside Walrus’s Luminary quad-octave unit. 

For more information visit, and check out our full review of the Kangra here