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Watch the new Fender pedals in action

Watch the new Fender pedals in action

Although Fender’s latest stab into the world of pedals was announced at Winter NAMM 2018, it didn’t dive into the details. But the company has just debuted six videos—one for each stompbox—with all the info we’ve been craving.

According to Fender, these pedals all boast original circuits—they’re not clones or reissues. While we won’t get into the individual units, a few cool features across the board include: a magnetic door for the battery compartment, ‘light pipes’ that illuminate the indicator bars on each knob, and offset input and output jacks so you can put your pedals closer to one another.

Check out Fender’s video demonstrations here:

The Pugilist Distortion

Santa Ana Overdrive 

Marine Layer Reverb 

Mirror Image Delay

The Bends Compressor

Level Set Buffer 

For more information, check out fender.com