Watch Paul Reed Smith defend the Silver Sky

“Everybody on the internet has got 25 years of experience, even the 14-year-old in Waco, Texas.”

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If John Mayer’s video wasn’t enough to sway your opinion about the Silver Sky, perhaps this interview with Paul Reed Smith will.

In the 17-minute-long clip by Guitar Interactive, the founder of PRS Guitars defends the Silver Sky against the horde of keyboard warriors, many of whom have found the signature instrument a little too similar to Mayer’s previous axes.

“The problem is everybody on the internet has got 25 years of experience, even the 14-year-old in Waco, Texas,” Smith said. “Everybody on the internet is gonna have opinions until they get their hands on it, and then their opinion changes.”

It hasn’t been all bad feedback, Smith clarifies: “John [Mayer] put up a long 45-minute video explaining his thinking about all this, and I think that helped. Almost all the reviews from the people that had their hands on it have been very positive.”

PRS Silver Sky Horizon
The guitar at the center of it all, the PRS Silver Sky

Not that the master luthier is bitter about the whole predicament. “I don’t like societies where you’re not entitled to your opinion. I really like all this activity. It shows great interest in what’s going on. And that part John loves as well,” he explained, adding that the orders PRS has received so far suggest that he’ll be making lots of the guitar.

Check out the video here, or skip to around 10:15 to hear Smith address the Silver Sky controversy:

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