Wilson Effects’ new pedal packs two delays into one

And the Slapback Dual Delay lets you route each delay side separately.

Wilson Effects has just unveiled its latest stompbox: the Slapback Dual Delay. It packs in two delays in one box that offers plenty of routing versatility.

Each of the Slapback’s two delays is based off the PT2399 chip and can run up to a maximum of 700ms. You can set the delay time, repeats and level for each side, and either stack them in mono or, thanks to stereo outputs, route the sides individually. The former creates lush, chorus-like tones while the latter affords you plenty of flexibility: You can send the signals to different speakers or effect chains, for instance.

An “Oscillation” toggle also lets you pick which side of the delay whose repeats you want to feedback, and control it with the middle footswitch. So you can use it to create elaborate rhythmic patterns or a crashing wave of sound.

Check out the demo video here:

The Slapback Delay lists for $200. For more information, check out wilsoneffects.com.

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