Win! An Ernie Ball Swag Bag worth up to £200!

First place will win £200 worth of EB equipment of their choosing, whilst runners up will also win a range of killer accessories

Ernie Ball is a stalwart in the world of guitar accessories, with players from Slash and Eric Clapton to Brad Paisley and Florida Georgia Line all donning their strings and cables in their stage and studio rigs.

Despite the high praise and even higher echelon of artists on-board, Ernie Ball don’t rest on their laurels. From dual-function guitar pedals to nifty tuning tools and hard-wearing cables, there’s an acccessory that’s guaranteed to either already be in your arsenal or high-up on your 2020 Christmas list. Luckily, thanks to our friends at Ernie Ball, we’ve teamed up to offer you a chance to win a plethora of Ernie Ball gear, to keep you playing right through the holiday season.

First place will receive £200 worth of Ernie Ball equipment of their choosing, whilst 2nd, 3rd and 4th place will will be albe to select from a variety of gifts worth up to £50. Below is a selection of some of the great prizes on offer:


Ernie Ball VPJR

VPJR Tuner

With its dual-function design, the VPJR Tuner combines Ernie Ball’s industry standard volume pedal with arguably the most important – albeit least cool – pedal on your ‘board, the tuner. That right folks, the VPJR Tuner not only makes your tuner pedal look desirable, it offers up something even more valuable; pedalboard real estate. With a compact, rugged aluminium design and a durable touchscreen that cycles between tuning modes and volume levels, this might be the most useful tuner in all of guitardom. Read more about it here.

Ernie Ball Power Peg

Power Peg

The first of its kind, the Ernie Ball Power Peg is a motorised string winder that lets you restring your guitar up to 70% faster than a standard string winder. The proprietary peg head fits all standard tuner pegs, and lets you forget about wrist fatigue or missing out on valuable solo time during that killer acid-jazz-cum-northern-soul jam in which you snapped a string from jumping off the drum riser…

Ernie Ball Cradle Tuner

Cradle Tuner

A portable neck cradle and clip on tuner for guitar, bass and various other stringed instruments, it features a 2″ LCD screen that’s large and vibrant enough to read from any angle, whether you’re giving your beloved instrument some much need TLC at home, in your workshop or backstage. It also offers a dual-axis 360 degree pivot arm for complete flexibility to position the display to your liking, plus multiple tuning modes as well as selectable clip and microphone sensors. The tuner can also be quickly detached from the tripod for use as a clip-on practice tuner.


Ernie Ball Tap Tempo

Tap Tempo

The perfect companion for Ernie Ball’s Expression Series Ambient Delay, it’s equally adebt with other pedals that require a momentary footswitch. Its small form factor and durable footswitch are perfect for those with limited space on their pedalboards, and helps you bring studio-quality, time-based pedal wizardry to your performances.

Ernie Ball Coiled Cable

Coiled Cables

If you’re after that vintage vibe without the health and safety concerns, then look no further than the Coiled Cables on offer from Ernie Ball. With dual-conductors that deliver a reliably clear tone with crisp highs, tight mids, and rich harmonics, these cables also come with multiple shielding materials in order to preserve the signal with low handling noise, and the durable PVC jacket exterior ensures long-lasting performance. Plus, they look cool.

Other items on offer include a variety of Slinky strings, Paradigm Slinkys and Earthwood acoustic strings, Everlast and Prodigy picks, slides, capos, intrument and mic cables, patch cables and plenty more besides. To enter this great competition, simply answer the question below. Good luck!