Yellowcake Pedals releases two-in-one drive unit

The Furry and Fried puts a saturated fuzz and versatile overdrive into one box.

Yellowcake Furry and Fried

Yellowcake Pedals has launched the Furry and Fried, a versatile two-channel drive unit that packs two of the brand’s popular products—the Furry Burrito and Fried Gold—into a single pedal. You can run the channels independently or stack them in either order.

The Furry Burrito is the wilder of the two. It spans from a tame, warm overdrive, to saturated Big Muff-style fuzz, to blown-speaker sputters. Besides the typical “Gain,” “Drive” and “Level” controls, the Furry side of the pedal has a trim knob that starves the circuit of voltage, which breaks up your signal. Additionally, a “Fat” switch adds bass, and a “Filter” dial adjusts your treble.

On the other side, the Fried Gold channel is a comparatively straightforward overdrive. Three controls are all you have to fiddle with: “Level,” “Gain” and “Tint,” the latter of which functions as a very subtle tone knob.

The Furry and Fried retails for $225. More information at


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