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Way Huge Aqua-Puss

“Instructional videos can be boring. I’m always just trying to keep people from walking out the door!”: Paul Gilbert

The shred guitar icon on why he played every instrument on his new album, Werewolves of Portland, the pressure to do something new, and why he’s always trying to keep people engaged, even if you have to get out a pick-drill to do it.

A New Way To Play: Meet the guitarists who are taking over TikTok

The fastest growing social network of recent years is also proving a fertile ground for young guitarists to make a name for themselves – it’s time to get to know the rising stars of guitar TikTok.

“Making the album was a way through the pandemic”: Johnny Flynn on new LP Lost In The Cedar Wood

The actor, singer and guitarist on making friends with an old Tokai, why he needs to get fit before he takes on his National resonator, setting guitars on fire, and channeling epic poetry on his new album with environmental writer Robert Macfarlane.