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Ibanez Releases New Fanned-Fret SRFF805 Bass

The new fanned fret bass from Ibanez offers a touch of class, setting it apart from the stiff competition across the market. This ergonomic design exhibits a more "alive" open tone, 3-band EQ with EQ bypass and mid frequency switch, and Bartolini BH1 pick-ups.

“I’ve never even scratched the surface of the guitar’s potential”: Steve Vai on why new album Inviolate pushed him out of his comfort zone

There’s an argument that nobody has done more to push the boundaries of what guitar is capable of in the last 40 years than Steve Vai. But despite his name being a byword for virtuosity, the guitarist refuses to rest on his laurels. We caught up with the man himself to talk surgery, embracing what is, designing insane triple-necked guitars with Ibanez, and why one of Inviolate’s solos pushed him so far out of his comfort zone he might never be able to top it.

“I picked up the guitar when I was really sick in the hospital”: Covet’s Yvette Young

The Californian band’s new LP fuses math-rock, post-rock, prog and jazz, with Yvette Young’s breathtaking technique always centre-stage. She tells us how the guitar saved her and sings praises of her new signature Ibanez Talman.