Chase Bliss Generation Loss MkII review: A digital effect to make everything sound extra-analogue

Random wobbles, jerky stutters, background noise, honky filtering – this pedal promises to push your tone through a rusty mangle. But if you think that all sounds a bit niche, prepare to expand your soundscaping horizons.

Origin Halcyon Green Overdrive review – the ultimate Screamer?

UK pedal maker Origin Effects turns its attention from amp in a box, to box before amp, and starts with arguably the most influential pedal circuit of all time. Make the best pedal ever even better? Halcyon days indeed!

The Big Review: MXR Duke of Tone – believe the hype? The King has come to the people

One of the most talked about pedals of recent years, this collab between MXR and AnalogMan promises to bring the near-mythical King Of Tone to anyone with a couple of bills in their pocket. But is this a rightful heir to the throne?