Review: Walrus Audio EB-10

The Defcon4 EQ/boost pedal returns rebranded, with some of the proceeds heading to charitable causes.

Walrus audio EB-10

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More than just a reskin, this is one of the most versatile boost/EQ pedals we’ve seen

In late 2018, Ohio’s Walrus Audio launched the Defcon4 – an interesting EQ/boost pedal designed in conjunction with the American singer-songwriter Ryan Adams. However, the Defcon4 was withdrawn from circulation (along with signature kit by JHS pedals and Benson Amps) following troubling allegations about Adams’ behaviour.

Although there was arguably a marked imbalance in the Defcon4’s style-to-substance ratio, there were also some genuinely forward-thinking and practical ideas which would have been a shame to waste. Enter stage left the new Walrus Audio EB-10, which accentuates the positive with a powerful three band EQ cut/boost system and preset storage.

Walrus audio EB-10

The primary raison d’être of a pedal such as this is to allow a player to swap between guitars of differing outputs without sudden drops – or indeed spikes – in volume, while also offering surgically precise control over the tone of each guitar.

In practical terms, a PAF-equipped Les Paul will demand very different amp settings to the lipstick shimmer of a Danelectro and even the most thorough of soundchecks can make using wildly different guitars a headache, especially on stage. We grab a selection of P-90s, ’Trons, PAFs and Gold Foil weirdness to test the EB-10 to its limits.

In use

Like all Walrus Audio pedals we’ve seen so far, the EB-10 feels well built and equally well thought through. We are, however, a little surprised to see side-mounted jacks rather than the more ’board-friendly top-mounts common on other devices in the range.

Walrus audio EB-10

The EB-10 has two function modes: live and preset. In live mode, the pedal responds to the current position of the knobs with the footswitch acting as an on/off toggle, while in preset mode the pedal is always on, giving access to a trio of presets. Holding the footswitch down for three seconds flips between modes.

Good news: the EB-10 has more to offer than its predecessor. Each EQ band has a potential 12dB of boost or cut (selected via mini-toggle switch) and there is an additional 10dB MOSFET boost, engaged with a rocker switch. The mid band is fully parametric, with internal trim pots offering precision control over centre frequency and filter bandwidth.

Cycling through guitars and settings, we are reminded of just how much difference a quality EQ can make in the signal chain. Yes, the EB-10 does perform exceptionally well when it comes to matching dramatically different outputs, but there is more to it than that.

Walrus audio EB-10

It’s almost like having a super-powered Varitone switch on your guitar revealing everything from added high-end sheen and indie chime, to rich, jazzy sounds. At one point, we even manage to make a single-pickup Supro sound eerily like a Strat in the neck and middle position – something which doesn’t happen every day.

If you’re in the market for a great transparent boost, a method to match outputs on different guitars during a live set, or a powerful EQ which can lend new personalities and textures to your guitar, then the EB-10 is definitely worthy of your consideration. It does it all!

Key Features

  • PRICE £209
  • DESCRIPTION EQ and boost pedal. Made in USA
  • CONTROLS Low, mid, hi EQ knobs, cut/boost mini-toggle switches, boost rocker switch, internal mid trim pots, on/off footswitch (hold to switch modes)
  • FEATURES 12dB cut/boost, parametric mid EQ, 10dB MOSFET Boost
  • POWER 9V, 100mA
  • DIMENSIONS 118 x 93 x 39mm
  • OPTIONS Cream or matte black finishes

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A portion of all proceeds from the sales of the EB-10 are donated to the charity


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