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Danelectro unveils the funky, retro-inspired 64XT

A modern interpretation of the reversed double cutaway.

Review: Danelectro 59X12

The guitar Danelectro is calling its “best-sounding 12-string ever” comes with an interesting array of pickups that go way beyond 1960s sonics.

Danelectro launches trio of guitars, including a 60th anniversary special

Featuring vintage aesthetics, choice pickups and arresting finishes.

Danelectro unveils four vintage-inspired electrics

Wilkinson vibrato bridges and lipstick humbuckers are the stars of the new ’59X, ’59XT, ’66T and ’66BT.

Danelectro releases Cash Cow distortion

The new pedal is a high-gain, heavily saturated dirt device that still maintains note clarity.

Danelectro Billionaire Pedals

Danelectro has a reputation for quality budget effects, but the new Billionaire range sees the company promising even more bang for your buck. Michael Watts feels flush…

Danelectro ’59M Spruce & ’64 review

Danelectro guitars offer cool, quirky tones and retro looks at reasonable prices. Marcus Leadley tests a pair of new models…

Danelectro DC59 12-String review

The sound of an electric 12-string unifies an extraordinarily wide range of guitarists. Marcus Leadley checks out an affordable retro option.

Gear Of The Year: Best guitar effects pedal of 2020

These are the best new stompboxes of 2020, featuring Walrus Audio, Danelectro and an electrifying fuzz from Latvia.

“I want to be the artist that I want to see in the world”: Phoebe Bridgers on Punisher, baritones and her secret weapon

From the first ringing note of a Danelectro baritone on her new album 'Punisher', it's clear that Phoebe Bridgers has evolved into a songwriter, guitarist and producer of her own. We caught up with the 25-year-old to talk collaborations, clarinets and playing gigs in hazmat suits.