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NAMM 2016: ThorpyFX releases two new pedals the Peacekeeper & Warthog

ThorpyFx had a great year last year debuting their first two pedals and it looks like they're not slowing down now. ThorpyFx has just launched two new pedals the Peacekeep and the Warthog, check them out here.

NAMM 2016: Orange launch two new pedals

Orange Amplification unveil a pedal duo, the AMP Detonator and Two Stroke.

NAMM 2016: Orange Amplification Introduce the ‘O’ Edition Headphones

Orange Amplification introduce the ‘O’ Edition Headphones.

NAMM 2016: Boss Announces VO-1 Vocoder Pedal

Boss has released a new vocoder, the VO-1. The new VO-1 allows players to produce vocal like expressions and sounds with their guitar.

NAMM 2016: Red Witch Pedals announces Professional Development Program

Red Witch Analog Pedals announces a Professional Development Program for retail sales staff, providing them with all the knowledge they need the become the "most well-resourced pedal gurus on the planet."

NAMM 2016: Stone Deaf FX debuts five new effects pedals

Stone Deaf FX has announced five new effects pedals, the Syncopy, PDF 2, Tremotron, Kliptonite and the Warp Drive. 

NAMM 2016: Vox debut Limited Edition Tan Custom Amps

Vox are making a limited edition run of AC15C1-TN AC10C1-TN AC4C1-12-TN amplifiers in Tan Bronco tolex.

NAMM 2016: Korg announce Pitchblack Tuner in limited edition Brushed Nickel

Korg has announced a limited edition brushed nickel version of their Pitchblack tuner.

NAMM 2016: Gibson Memphis 2016 line-up revealed

The Gibson Memphis 2016 line-up has been revealed. Gibson say that the new series has a much more traditional take on build and design than previously explored and that is has also drawn inspiration from certain 'magic' guitars.

Red Witch pedals review round-up

These creative pedals take classic effects genres and pack them with extra control and flexibility.