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Ed Sheeran


Interview: George Lowden on his collaboration with Ed Sheeran

The Lowden Guitars head honcho talks about his collaboration with the biggest pop star in the world and the unbelievable reaction to it.

NAMM 2019 Video: Ed Sheeran and Lowden collaborate on acoustic guitar brand

The singer-songwriter and the Northern Irish brand have announced a new 'Sheeran' brand of affordable acoustics.

My Guitar Story: George Glew on his battle-scarred Fender Stratocaster

The Bristol-based songwriter details the story behind his beloved American Deluxe Strat, from swapping it online to why he'll never use gig bags again

Fender removes “misogynistic” Instagram post criticised for taking a sexualised view of Brazilian women

The Veronicas’ bassist Camilla Charlesworth was one of many users who chimed in on the post.

Eddie Van Halen’s guitar tech explains infamously out-of-tune performance of Jump

Tom Weber sets the record straight: It wasn’t the keyboards' sample rate.

You can now demo 150 pedals online for free with Thomann’s Stompenberg FX

Try out pedals from Boss, Walrus Audio, TC Electronic and more via your computer.

Bruce Springsteen’s charges of DWI and reckless driving dismissed

He pleaded guilty to “consuming alcohol in a closed area” and was handed a $500 fine.

Roger Taylor quashes rumours that George Michael was slated to replace Freddie Mercury

The Queen Drummer says he wouldn’t have suited the role.