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Teisco puts out charming pedal activity book and contest for a Heritage guitar

Each page’s surreal artwork is inspired by the wonderful world of guitar effects.

Win! A Teisco Boost and Fuzz worth £298

Rad drive pedals whose eccentricity belies their simple names.

NAMM 2020 Demo: Listen to Teisco raise a ruckus with new Overdrive, Distortion pedals

The Overdrive, Distortion and Interface make their entrances.

Rare Guitars: Rory Gallagher’s 1965 Teisco Del Rey

One might say Rory's guitars are a reflection of his character.

Review: Teisco Fuzz, Boost & Delay

Another vintage brand is back from the dead – but these boutique-style stompboxes have little in common with the Teisco guitars of the 1960s.

Rare Guitars: Brian Ray’s vintage Teisco Spectrum 5

When it comes to original Japanese guitar designs of the mid 60s, the Teisco Spectrum 5 rules the roost…

NAMM 2019 Video: Teisco returns with three wild new pedals

The company has reimagined a boost, fuzz and delay using high-end components and enclosures.

Win! A complete guitar rig worth $2,300

Stand a chance to win these Harmony, Mono and Teisco goodies when you register for Live.

Interview: Steve Vai on the Ibanez JEM JR, his first gig and more

The virtuoso talks to Darran Charles from Godsticks about his first ‘proper’ guitar, Univox, Teisco, JEMs and a whole lot more besides.