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The Big Review: Manson Meta Series MBM-2 Sustainiac – Muse for the masses?

With Cort’s continued collaboration with Manson Guitar Works, Matt Bellamy’s workhorse may find itself in more guitar players’ hands, albeit in a more affordable form, and now with an in-built Sustainiac pickup.

The August 2021 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now!

In this issue: Gibson's 60th anniversary SGs, Jason Isbell's cinematic excursions, and why the Neural DSP Quad Cortex might be the game-changing guitar product of the decade so far.

Interview: George Glew

George Glew has gone from obscurity to over 2 million streams in two years. The Bristolian tells Sam Roberts about his rapid rise, from playing Cort S-types to sharing a manager with Lana Del Rey…