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Vintage Time Machines: 1965 Jaguar

This glorious sunburst Jaguar bears the scars of five decades of live action. It’s a guitar that begs to be played…

How To Relic A Guitar Body With A Nitro Finish

There’s something uniquely alluring about the finish of a genuine vintage guitar, but we can get close via artificial means. Huw Price shows you how to relic a swamp ash T-style guitar body…

Swart MOD 84 Amplifier Review

Retro Americana is Michael Swart’s stock-in-trade, but could his first production EL84 amp signal the beginning of a quiet revolution at this respected boutique brand?

K-Line Del Mar Review

Surf’s up, as Chris Vinnicombe checks out a cool twang machine named after a Californian beach city. It's our review of the K-Line Del Mar…

Motion Custom Works 3G8B1 & 4G8B1 review

Before founding Motion Custom, Andrew Pih enjoyed a varied career in pro audio with Neve and Calrec, and was guitar tech to the high priest of shoegaze, Kevin Shields. Huw Price checks out two of his latest creations…

ThroBak KZ-115 MXV review

Few PAF-replica makers can claim to be using Gibson’s actual 1950s machines. Huw Price asks: does it make a difference, or is it a wind up?

Artist Collection: Ethan Johns

Since his early childhood, Ethan Johns has been surrounded by some of the music world’s brightest lights. He’s gone on to become a highly regarded producer, working with the likes of Tom Jones, Ryan Adams and Paul McCartney. His guitar collection isn’t bad, either…

All About… Nitrocellulose

When Edmund Flaherty invented nitrocellulose lacquer in 1921, he could’ve had no idea how big a role it would play in the guitar industry. G&B explains…

Patrick James Eggle 96 Drop Top Myrtlewood review

An exotic bolt-on hot-rod crafted lovingly in Shropshire. Will Chris Vinnicombe have a timber tantrum?

Artist Collection: Liam ‘Skin’ Tyson

As a member of Britpop band Cast, who also works with Led Zeppelin legend Robert Plant, Liam ‘Skin’ Tyson has built up quite a guitar collection.

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