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Joe Bonamassa Merlin Tele with case candy landscape

This is Joe Bonamassa’s newly acquired 1967 Fender Telecaster

This nicotine-stained Telecaster saw plenty of action before finding its way to its latest custodian. Take a closer look at a guitar with country mojo and stories to tell.
vintage gibson les paul allman brothers

This 1958 Les Paul Standard, owned by Dickey Betts, changed Joe Bonamassa’s life

Betts' Allman Brothers bandmate Dan Toler also used this Gibson.

John 5, Joe Bonamassa duet on Jimi Hendrix classics

The pair jammed on Foxy Lady and Spanish Castle Magic.
Joe Bonamassa shutterstock

Joe Bonamassa announces new album, Live At The Sydney Opera House

Recorded at the blues maestro’s 2016 show Down Under.
joe bonamassa les paul

Joe Bonamassa shares his top tips for buying vintage guitars

If you want to know something about buying vintage guitars, there are few better people to ask than Joe Bonamassa – so that’s exactly what we did. Writing exclusively for, Joe gives us his top tips for buying vintage.
Joe Bonamassa Lucite Fende Twin amp

Check out Joe Bonamassa’s new Lucite Fender Twin amplifier

Talk about transparent tone.
Joe Bonamassa vintage telecaster

This vintage Fender is Joe Bonamassa’s “best” guitar

“It is the most dynamic instrument I have ever played in my life.”
doug pat show youtube guitar

“Our wives thought we were dorky idiots until Joe Bonamassa came over”: Doug &...

They may never have hit the big time as young guitar slingers, but in later life, Doug Fraser and Pat O’Donnell have found fame as successful YouTubers.
Joe Bonamassa shutterstock

Watch Joe Bonamassa tear it up on an EVH Frankenstein model

The blues maestro’s chops are as on point as ever.

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