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the cure

“I’m still a self-conscious and insecure guitar player!”: Slash

Slash reveals all about the GN’R reunion, his solo work keeping him grounded, why Gibson is making up for the mistakes of the past, and how he’s discovered a new love for P-90s…

Bleached break down five songs from their new album, Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough?

The sister duo talk using vintage gear, the influence of The Cure, the disco punk sound of single Hard To Kill and more.

Brian May, David Byrne, and Trent Reznor to present at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

They will induct Def Leppard, Radiohead and The Cure into the hallowed halls.

Synergy SYN-50 Review

Could a 50-watt valve head with switchable preamps from boutique makers be the cure for ‘too many amps’ syndrome?

Watch: Eddie Vedder debuts two new songs at virtual charity fundraiser

Ventures Into Cures was held in support of the Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Partnership.

Rare Earth Music unveils the EBII, its latest pedalboard/power-supply combo

It uses a patented magnetic system to secure pedals.

Industry Insider: Fredric Effects reinterprets European and Soviet-era preamps into beloved pedals

Fredric Effects has developed a strong reputation for custom enclosures and artwork, alongside coveted sounds usually only heard in Soviet-era preamps and obscure European guitars.

Review: Fredric Effects Regent 150 Preamp & Verzerrer Distortion

These two British-made pedals have both been designed in tribute to obscure kit from the old Eastern Bloc… but the results could hardly be more different.

Gibson reissues The Paul

The obscure walnut Les Paul is revived for its 40th anniversary.

Earthboard launches magnetically powered pedalboard

Forget about wires, tape, Velcro strips and cable ties. Earthboard secures and powers your stompboxes with physics.