Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Tag: Accessories

The RockBoard Power Ace 25 handles even the most power-hungry effects

The adapter can give up to 2,500mA of juice.

EHX unveils an eight-output power supply, the S8

The manufacturer has expanded into accessories once again.

Electro-Harmonix expands its range of Bluetooth headphones

The pedal manufacturer first launched its headphones last month.

Audified releases the ToneSpot Electric Pro plugin

It’s described as a universal solution to guitar recording woes.

Review: Audio-Technica ATM350GL

Looking for a simple way to capture a natural acoustic sound on stage and in the studio? Audio-Technica’s new clip-on mic range may be the answer.

Catch ’em all: Korg’s limited-edition Pitchclip 2 Pokémon tuner and metronome

Be the best like no-one ever was with Korg's new limited-edition Pitchclip 2.

Korn’s Brian Welch teams up with Richter on signature strap

Including Welch’s ‘Sir Headly’ logo.

Lehle’s new Little Dual II makes amp switching quick and painless

Hum and noise-free switching with a high-impedence transformer.

Joyo unveils JGE-01, its version of the EBow

A nifty tool for creating those endless sustains.

EHX’s R&B Buds feature brand’s “legendary” sound quality

Earbuds come with true wireless Bluetooth tech and five hours of playtime.

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