Thursday, September 19, 2019

Tag: Accessories

Review: Rotosound Ultramag electric guitar strings

Need more magnetism from your electric strings? Rotosound has you covered with its new Ultramag range.

Skip the noise with RockBoard’s ISO Power Block V10

Slim power supply can handle up to 10 pedals at once.

You Ask: What are my wireless options for home guitar rigs?

Tired of tripping over instrument leads? It might be time for 'shorter' cables.

Review: IsoAcoustics Stage 1

Acoustic isolation products are commonplace in the pro-audio and hi-fi worlds, but most guitarists still rest their amplifiers on chairs and beer crates. Is there a better looking and sounding solution?

Summer NAMM 2019: D’Addario develops XT strings with cutting-edge tech

Featuring high carbon steel cores, the brand’s popular alloys and extended lifespan treatment.

Summer NAMM 2019 Video: Fishman’s TriplePlay Connect will inspire you to...

Play virtual instruments, build loops, add effects and more.

Fender’s Tim Shaw discusses the Vintera era-specific pickups

Fender’s in-house electronics guru Tim Shaw on how the evolution of Fender’s golden-era pickups informed Vintera Series R&D.

Summer NAMM 2019: Gibson debuts three sets of factory-spec’ed strings

The brand’s master luthiers developed the Vintage Reissue, Brite Wire and Acoustic strings.

Monty’s Guitars releases Originals Series pickups

The new range provides accurate sonic reproductions of real vintage pickups.

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