Thursday, September 19, 2019

Tag: Accessories

DiMarzio makes John Petrucci pickups available à la carte

These pups featured on the Dream Theater guitarist’s 2019 Majesty axe.

Ernie Ball’s new Axis Capo is quick and easy to use

Designed to sit comfortably on most neck profiles.

PRS unveils additions to two accessory lines

New strings and cables from the boutique guitar company.

Go cable-free with Boss’ WL-60 wireless system

Featuring a compact receiver that’ll fit snugly on your pedalboard.

Ernie Ball expands popular Slinky series, unveils new picks

The electric string range welcomes Primo, Mega and Mammoth, while a Beefy string option is now available for bassists.

You Ask: How to stop my electric guitar pickups from turning...

Green-tinted corrosion – sometimes known as verdigris – is a common problem on many vintage guitars.

10 best Telecaster neck pickups

For seven decades, Fender’s Telecaster has been a stone-cold classic. However, there’s always scope for a mod or two – so here’s our guide to the best replacement Tele neck pickups currently on the market.

GHS’s Thin Core Phosphor Bronze strings match playability with balanced tone

Designed for a broad spectrum of acoustic guitars.

10 best Telecaster bridge pickups

A selection of vintage and modern bridge single-coils for Telecasters.

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