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Cort Guitar L200 ATV

Cort Guitars debuts ‘Aged to Vintage’ guitar series with the L200ATV

The first model from the brand's ATV line sports a familiar look, but boasts enhancements to its sound quality.

Fender introduces California series of acoustics

Inspired by the vibrant Californian lifestyle, this new series comprises three models that come in all-new Fender body shapes.

Taylor Guitars unveils Builder’s Edition series

The new range is designed and built from the brace up.

Yamaha reintroduces CSF series of acoustic parlor guitars

The CSF revival comes with upscale features and player-friendly value.
The Martin DX420

Martin releases three new X Series guitars

The trio of new dreadnoughts are affordable instruments with onboard electronics—and one’s even emblazoned with 4/20-friendly artwork.