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Darkglass Microtubes 900

Darkglass Electronics unveils limited edition Microtubes 900

The Finnish brand's popular bass amp now comes with a gnarly new artwork.
Hiwatt DR401

Hiwatt’s new bass amp is “the most powerful in the world”

The DR401's 400 watts and 12 tubes (not a typo!) back up that claim.
Line 6 Powercab

Line 6 unveils the Powercab 112 and 112 Plus

Both speakers feature Line 6’s proprietary speaker-modeling tech, and can emulate six classic, timeless loudspeaker drivers.
Laney IRT15H Lionheart amp head

Laney gives the Ironheart IRT15H amp head a makeover

With a brand-new wooden cabinet finished in Basketweave Tolex, the IRT15H has never looked tougher.
Mini Laney Amps

Laney releases ultra-compact Mini amps

Small, portable and with classic good looks, the new Mini-Laney series will grace any desktop in style.
Orange Amps Online Rock Exam

Orange Amps launches accredited rock guitar exam

Get your very own Orange-approved guitar qualifications—all from the comfort of your room.
New amplifiers April 2018

Five new electric guitar amplifiers for April 2018

Our favorite new amp announcements, releases and rumors of the month.
Fender Joe Bonamassa TwinAmp

Joe Bonamassa has a new signature Fender amp

The 'reissue' of Fender’s popular ’59 Twin-Amp is packed with a whole lotta Bonamassa-approved features.
Headstrong Corduroy Amp

Headstrong Amps launches Fender ‘brownface’ replica

The Corduroy is a hand-wired reproduction of the renowned, '60s-era Fender 6G3 Brown Deluxe.
Acoustic A15V

Acoustic releases the A15V amplifier

The new amp sports an XLR input, a 'wedge'-shaped cabinet design, and an in-built analog chorus, among other features.