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Stratocaster black Fender Squier under $200

14 best budget electric guitars under $200

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Ten best distortion pedals in 2018

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Justin Aufdemkampe Charvel SD24 signature Pro-Mod

15 best guitars, pedals and amps of Summer NAMM 2018

The three glorious, guitar-filled days of the show are over—here are the 15 best new products that caught our eye.
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14 best electric guitars for metal under $1,000

The ‘best’ metal axe has to be aggressive, comfortable to play and inclined towards fretboard acrobatics—just like the 14 on our list.
Walrus Audio, Smallsound/Bigsound, Boss, Ibanez TS808, Strymon Sunset, Way Huge Overdrive pedals

Ten best overdrive pedals for guitarists

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