Saturday, October 19, 2019

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Meris Polymoon Delay Review

The force is strong with this one… Richard Purvis finds himself blasted off to a galaxy far, far away by the latest multi-talented digital stompbox from Meris.

Malekko has a new multi-tap delay/chorus pedal

The Thicken stompbox combines delay and chorus effects to create thick, syrupy tones.

JPTR FX’s new pedal packs two delays into one

The Fernweh Multi Echo features two stacked delays with individual controls for a wide range of textures.

Win! A Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall analogue delay!

Analogue delay pedals are all the rage in these retro-worshipping times, but wouldn’t it be great to have a pedal that offered you all the sonic brilliance of an analogue pedal with the control and functionality of a modern digital device?

Old Blood Noise Endeavors’ new pedal is a three-fer

The stompbox is a flanger, echo and pitch-shifter rolled into one.

Chase Bliss Audio unveils analog delay pedal

The Thermae stompbox brings harmonizing and pitch-shift functions to a bucket-brigade delay.

NAMM 2018: TC Electronic release four new vintage inspired pedals, including...

Most of the time all you need is your bread and butter three-button overdrives, studio delays, and subtle reverbs but every once in a while, you need something special to nail the tone of your favorite artist or musical style.

Dawner Prince Electronics Boonar Review

The Binson Echorec is one of the most revered vintage echo units and the Boonar promises to capture its magic in a stompbox format.

Seymour Duncan Andromeda Delay Review

The Andromeda claims to offer just about every type of delay imaginable in one box, with deep editing on the fly – this may take a while.

Electro-Harmonix introduces the Canyon delay & looper

Compact, affordable multi-function pedal packed with powerful features.

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