Gear of the Year 2019

Gear Of The Year: Best premium electric guitars of 2019

These instruments may come with eye-watering price tags, but if you’ve got the dough, you’ll find no better electric guitars on the market today.

Gear Of The Year: Best affordable electric guitars of 2019

Ten of our favourite affordable electric guitars of the year, starring the Fender Vintera range, a super Sterling by Music Man and a Chapman Strat-style guitar.

Gear Of The Year: Best effects pedals of 2019

Pedals are a vital part of a guitarist's rig, and thankfully, 2019 was a great year for effects units. From the Strymon Volante, an exceptional echo machine, to the Beetronics Swarm, a devastating fuzz box, this year saw the introduction of dozens of great pedals.

Gear Of The Year: Best multi-effects pedals of 2019

Last year saw the release of the big boys from Line 6 and Boss – the HX Stomp and GT-1000, respectively – but 2019 was no slouch when it came to multi-effects, too. These are our favourites of the year.

Gear Of The Year: Best guitar amplifiers of 2019

Where this category would typically only include high-end tube amps, surprise, surprise: there are two digital modellers that we think deserve a place in the list of best amplifiers released this year.

Gear Of The Year: Best guitar accessories of 2019

From tiny amplifiers to microphones to an ingenious A/B box, these are our five favourite guitar accessories of the year. Check all of them out below.

Gear Of The Year 2019: Best guitars, amps and pedals

We've crowned the best electric guitar, acoustic guitar, pedal, amp and accessory of 2019!

Gear Of The Year: Best acoustic guitars of 2019

Here are this year’s top-gunners in the world of acoustic guitars.