In Pictures: Ernie Ball’s Slinky Wall, Music Man guitars and amazing artists

Ernie Ball's virtual booth at Live was a celebration to the iconic brand's diverse accomplishments spanning Slinkys, top-shelf Music Man guitars and a host of acclaimed artists.
00:47:49 Live: Cindy Blackman Santana explains the all-star cast for Give The Drummer Some

The 17-track album features the likes of Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin and Vernon Reid.
00:47:16 Live: She Shreds on how music can be a tool for healing and revolution

"I never thought I'd have to come to a class where my students would be affected by a presidential election."
00:33:20 Live: Kirk Fletcher goes deep into his blues influences, playing style and more

The Californian bluesman spoke to Michael Watts on the final day of the virtual guitar show.

St Vincent is working on a new signature model with Ernie Ball Music Man

She revealed the news during a panel at Live.
00:40:26 Live: Get Offset, Living Room Gear Demos and Goodwood Audio discuss perfecting your pedalboard

The panel included Emily Harris (Get Offset), Eirik (Living Room Demos), Grant Klassen (Goodwood Audio). Live: Jared James Nichols talks blues tone and technique

The blues firebrand aimed to show guitarists how to get the “most tone’ out of the least amount of gear”.
00:36:30 Live: Zane Carney and Dr. Molly Miller talk building a diverse music career amid COVID-19

They discussed the potential of livestreaming, staying productive in quarantine and more.