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Lowden Bushmills Black Bush

Check out this Lowden guitar built from old whiskey barrels

The Black Bush Edition is a stunning acoustic made in collaboration between Lowden Guitars and Bushmills Irish Whiskey.
Fender Jazz-Tele Hybrid Parallel Universe

Meet Fender’s Jazzmaster and Telecaster hybrid

The new Parallel Universe Jazz-Tele is a mind-bending collision of the two guitars.
Jack White Fender Telecaster

Eastwood announces replica of vintage Jack White guitar

You can soon sling the bluesman’s Crestwood Astral II, which he used on the first few White Stripes records.
New electric acoustic guitars June 2018

11 new electric and acoustic guitars for June 2018

Our favorite new guitar announcements, releases and rumors of the past month.
Fender Founders Design Stratocaster

Buyer’s Guide: Ten intermediate electric guitars under $1,000

Our picks of the best electric guitars under a grand for players looking to upgrade their beginner instruments.
Solar Guitars At the Gates

Solar Guitars unveils At the Gates signature guitar

The A1.6 ATG brings premium features to a metal-ready baritone instrument.
Bill Collings Tribute AT 16

Collings Guitars honors its founder with a special edition AT 16

The master luthier gets a fitting tribute in the form of a beautiful acoustic archtop guitar.
Framus Masterbuilt William DuVall Talisman Signature

Framus releases two William DuVall signature guitars

The Alice in Chains guitarist gets a pair of signature Talismans.
Misha Mansoor Periphery Jackson Guitars

Watch Misha Mansoor demo his new Jackson signatures

The Periphery guitarist gives the low-down on the new Jackson USA Signature Juggernaut models.
Grez Mendocino Baritone

Grez Guitars unveils baritone semi-hollow

The Mendocino Baritone boasts premium semi-hollow construction, components and specs.