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Buyer’s Guide: 16 electric guitars under $500

Our guide to 16 of the best guitars you can buy for under 500 bucks.

Ernie Ball Music Man releases 2018 Cutlass and StingRay RS models

The Cutlass RS, Cutlass RS HSS and Stingray RS feature modern upgrades from the originals, including premium roasted necks and new finishes.
Guide best electric guitars beginners

Buyer’s Guide: 13 electric guitars for beginners 2018

Our guide to 13 of the most affordable, versatile and easiest-to-play electric guitars you can buy today.
Paul Reed Smith demo lifestyle

Watch Paul Reed Smith defend the Silver Sky

“Everybody on the internet has got 25 years of experience, even the 14-year-old in Waco, Texas.”

Customize your own headless axe with Strandberg’s new USA Select series

Go wild—or keep it sane—with high-end features, tonewoods, electronics, finishes and more.
Ernie Ball Music Man April BFR

Ernie Ball Music Man announces Ball Family Reserve April collection

This month's offerings include new finishes for the Axis Super Sport, James Valentine signature and John Petrucci Majesty.
Pete Townshend Smashed Strat

Pete Townshend’s smashed ’64 Strat to be auctioned off

Neckless and in two separate halves, Townshend's mythical guitar—or what remains of it—will be put up for auction next week.
Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz

With KKR’s attempted takeover of Gibson nixed, what’s next?

Disagreements over the terms of a new deal between Gibson and the private equity firm have surfaced, hindering future plans for the debt-saddled music giant.
Fender Strat Tele Hybrid

Fender’s new guitar is the lovechild of a Stratocaster and Telecaster

The classic Tele-style body merges with traditional Strat hardware in the Fender Parallel Universe Strat-Tele Hybrid.
New Electric Acoustic Guitars April 2018

12 new electric and acoustic guitars for April 2018

Our favorite new guitar announcements, releases and rumors of the past month.