Friday, August 23, 2019

Tag: Jazz

Bootsy Collins releases an IPA in collaboration with Fretboard Brewing Company

Said to be as colourful as the consummate bassist himself.

João Gilberto, father of bossa nova, dead at 88

The Girl From Ipanema guitarist pioneered a new style of playing.

“It ticks all the boxes for modern guitar players”: Tom Quayle...

The legato expert shares three highlights from his signature axe.

“No camera captures the finish correctly”: Martin Miller on his stunning...

The fusion specialist takes us on a spec tour of his dream axe.

“Essentially, I’m cheating at the guitar”: Tom Quayle

The British guitarist shares his unique approach to the six-string and why he uses the eccentric tuning known as "all 4ths".

Snarky Puppy’s Mark Lettieri is making instrumental guitar cool again

The Grammy-winning six-string aficionado on his band’s new album Immigrance, secretly using a Kemper and why he’d love to play in Antarctica.

The Left Field: Bill Orcutt plays blues from another dimension

The outsider guitarist melds Delta blues, punk and noise rock into his freewheeling improvisational style.

Bill Frisell is on the hunt for the next musical epiphany

The esteemed guitarist on being himself, letting go of theory, and why he’s happy to blur the genre lines.

In Pictures: Martin Miller, Tom Quayle deliver fusion magic at the...

The virtuosos served up masterful performances and lifted the lid on a few tricks of their trade.

Tom Misch is the fresh-faced guitar hero we need

Talented guitarist Tom Misch is a star of the new British jazz and soul scene, earning himself a huge following with debut Geography despite his refreshingly unorthodox attitude to fame.

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