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Buyer’s Guide: 16 electric guitars under $500

Our guide to 16 of the best guitars you can buy for under 500 bucks.

Music Composition for Beginners 2: Major, minor and power chords

An introduction to chord formulas and how to form power chords, major chords, and minor chords.

How to choose and buy an electric guitar

A beginner’s guide to picking your first electric six-string—what to look out for, what to ignore and everything in-between.
Guide best electric guitars beginners

Buyer’s Guide: 13 electric guitars for beginners 2018

Our guide to 13 of the most affordable, versatile and easiest-to-play electric guitars you can buy today.

Music Composition for Beginners 1: The “I-IV-V” chord progression

By understanding the patterns behind this common chord progression, you can play them in other keys, or create your very own ones.
Beginner Music Theory Keys

Music Theory for Beginners 2: Sharps, flats and key changes

An introduction to sharps and flats, keys, and dealing with key changes.
Lessons Theory Introduction to Scales

Music Theory for Beginners 1: Introduction to scales

An introduction to intervals, major and minor scales, and box shapes.
Fretboard patterns and shortcuts

Beginner Music Theory: Fretboard patterns and shortcuts

Once you understand how patterns on the fretboard work, you can use them as shortcuts to find other notes and new ways to play your favorite riffs.
How to choose and buy an electric guitar amplifier

How to choose and buy an electric guitar amplifier

A beginner's guide to picking your first electric guitar amplifier for practice, playing in a band and keeping on good terms with the neighbors.
How to find notes on fretboard

Beginner Music Theory: Finding your way across the fretboard

Learning how to identify the notes on a guitar is like having a map of a city you’re visiting—you shouldn’t do without one.