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Music Theory for Beginners 5: Key signatures, relative majors and relative minors

An introduction to the relative majors and minors—the key to songwriting and improvising.
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Music Theory for Beginners 4: Introduction to blues scales

Get acquainted with the minor and major blues scales: how to identify the ‘blue notes,’ how they are linked to the pentatonic scales, and simple box patterns.
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Music Theory for Beginners 3: Introduction to pentatonic scales

Learn all about major and minor pentatonic scales: how to identify their notes, how to play them, and easy ‘box patterns’ to remember.
CAGED system guitar chords

Music Composition for Beginners 5: Breaking out of CAGED (Part 2)

How to deploy CAGED and our PIRII technique to add variation to the I-IV-V and I-vi chord progressions.
CAGED guitar

Music Composition for Beginners 5: Breaking out of CAGED (Part 1)

With our ‘PIRII’ system, you’ll be able to unlock all the basic major and minor chords along the fretboard in a snap.
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14 best electric guitars for beginners

Our guide to 14 of the most affordable, versatile and easiest-to-play electric guitars you can buy today.
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Music Composition for Beginners 4: Popular chord progressions

How chords color their progressions, and four iconic examples from pop music.
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Guitar Technique for Beginners 2: Left-hand techniques

Dress up your playing style with hammer-ons, slides, bends and other fundamental fretboard techniques.
Guitar technique finger strengthening exercise

Guitar Technique for Beginners 1: Hands, fingers and strengthening exercises

Finger exercises, the ‘right’ ways to grasp a guitar neck, and other basic techniques new players shouldn’t gloss over.

Music Composition for Beginners 3: The “I-IV-V” chord progression

By understanding the patterns behind this common chord progression, you can play them in other keys, or create your very own ones.