Saturday, October 19, 2019

Tag: Modulation

Stone Deaf Tremotron Review

What do you get if you cross two shape-shifting analogue tremolo circuits with one fiendish digital brain?

ThorpyFX Chain Home Tremolo Review

Our favourite military pedal boffin launches his new Reimagined Series with a percussive tremolo.

Electro Harmonix Release Bass Clone

Electro-Harmonix have just released the very cool looking Bass Clone, a chorus pedal that internally replicates the legendary Small Clone chorus with the addition of Bass-specific features.

J Rockett Tour Series Tranquilizer, Blue Note, Lenny & Hooligan review

They’re from the same stable as the award-winning Archer… but will these compact J Rockett pedals hit the bullseye?

DigiTech Ventura Vibe review

DigiTech’s latest stomper offers three flavours of chewy modulation in one compact box… Richard Purvis picks up some heavy vibes.

Summer NAMM 2016: DigiTech announces the Nautila Chorus/Flange pedal

#SummerNAMM2016: DigiTech has debuted its Nautila Chorus/Flange pedal. Allowing you to dial in "never before heard tidal swirls or soothing rhythmic waves", the Nautila also enables you to add up to eight chorus voices. It's perfect for all those dreamy soundscaping tones.

Summer NAMM 2016: Boss announces Waza Craft CE-2W chorus pedal

#SummerNAMM2016: Boss has introduced a version of its famous CE-2 chorus pedal to the Waza Craft family, the CE-2W. The CE-2W gives you the ability to have both the classic sounds of the CE-2 & CE-1 in one box, and with its added stereo output capability you can introduce a whole range of tones to your sound.

All About… Modulation

A number of classic effects come under the umbrella of modulation. We explain how to tell your vibrato from your chorus and your phaser from your rotary speaker.

NAMM 2016: Boss unveils Waza Craft VB-2W Vibrato

Boss has unveiled the VB-2W Vibrato a new member of their Waza Craft line of effects.

NAMM 2016: Stone Deaf FX debuts five new effects pedals

Stone Deaf FX has announced five new effects pedals, the Syncopy, PDF 2, Tremotron, Kliptonite and the Warp Drive. 

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