Friday, November 15, 2019

Tag: Modulation

Ananashead’s Optotrem is a box of fluttering sounds

It’s the latest addition to Spanish brand’s catalogue of handmade pedals.

Mr Black takes on the classic Boss CE-1

The Mini Vintage Chorus is inspired by a late 70s favourite.

Flower Pedals gives you more control over Dandelion Tremolo V2

Same circuitry, more warbly creations.

Review: Fender Tre-Verb, Lost Highway Phaser & MTG Tube Distortion

The Fender stompboxes just keep on coming – but do these three multi-talented new units have the sonic chops to match their twiddle-friendly versatility?

Create a cacophony of voices with Meris’ Hedra

Three pitch-shifting voices, four delay settings and much more.

Mattoverse’s Drone Tone MkIII is a glitchy synth for your pedalboard

Third edition features onboard tap tempo and rate synch input.

Invoke the Sandman with Walrus Audio’s Slö Multi Texture Reverb

Designed for lush, sleepy tones.

Review: Keeley Synth-1

Fresh from the secret lair of boutique-stompbox overlord Robert Keeley comes a Moog-inspired monophonic synth with some hidden tricks.

Echo Fix’s EF-X2 might be the next evolution in tape echo...

High-tech machinery meets classic effect.

ZVEX introduces vertical version of Instant Lo-Fi Junky pedal

The same chorus and vibrato sounds in a pedalboard-friendly format.

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