Saturday, October 19, 2019

Tag: Modulation

Malekko has a new multi-tap delay/chorus pedal

The Thicken stompbox combines delay and chorus effects to create thick, syrupy tones.

Tsakalis Audioworks releases new Phonkify and Galactic pedals

The Phonkify is an octave wah while the Galactic is a juiced-up multi-modulation pedal.

Watch the new Fender pedals in action

Details of the six pedals were scant when they were announced in January, but Fender just released in-depth video demos of the series.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors’ new pedal is a three-fer

The stompbox is a flanger, echo and pitch-shifter rolled into one.

Empress Effects’ Zoia stuffs countless tools in one box

The Zoia is much more than a multi-effects unit—you can patch together synth modules, arrange loops, build ‘pedals,’ and sequence oscillators.

Fender returns to the world of pedals

The company is once again courting stompbox enthusiasts with six effects that range from distortion to delay.

NAMM 2018: Ampeg Reveal Liquifier Chorus + Opto Compressor Pedals

Ampeg has revealed new Liquifier Analog Chorus and Opto Comp Analog Optical Compressor pedals, which are suitable for both bass and guitar. Will they find their way on to your board? Here's Ampeg with the full details to tempt you in…

NAMM 2018: Ernie Ball Reveal Expression Tremolo + 40th Anniversary VP

Ernie Ball has unveiled two fantastic-looking new pedals; the Expression Tremolo and the 40th Anniversary VP Pedal. Here's Ernie Ball with the full story…

NAMM 2018: Aguilar Amplification Announce Grape Phaser Bass Pedal

Aguilar Amplification has revealed the new Grape Phaser bass phase pedal, which they will be showcasing live at NAMM 2018. Here's Aguilar with all the details…

Dwarfcraft Devices Happiness, Twin Stags & Eau Claire Thunder Review

Scrambled filters, LFO outputs and a ‘toneblast’ switch: We go on a sonic adventure with some American originals.

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