The GE300 Lite is the scaled-down edition of Mooer’s flagship multi-effects unit

This feature-packed pedal offers 164 effects, 108 digital amp models and an IR loader

Thermion unveils the Zero, a versatile ‘pedal amp’ with reverb and a toggleable FX loop

Handy features reinforce this amp’s use on gigs, at home or in the studio.

Cooper FX releases cartridge-based multi-effects pedal, Arcades

In case your lo-fi effects weren’t retro enough.

10 new pedals and effects units: April 2020

Our favourite new stompbox announcements, releases and rumours of April 2020.

Zoom unleashes the G11, its latest multi-effects processor

The device packs amp emulation, numerous effects and a touchscreen interface.

Line 6’s latest Helix firmware is here

Bringing a set of new amps, cabs and effects.

Kickstarter for MOD Devices’ Dwarf is funded in less than 24 hours

The pedal aims to brings DAW-like power into a multi-effects stompbox

Hologram Electronics launches the Microcosm, a glitchy, granular stereo multi-effects unit

Billed by the brand as “a new effects toolkit for adventurous musicians.”

TC Electronic launches the Plethora X5 multi-effects pedal

Loaded with presets and futuristic features, such as wireless TonePrint connectivity.

Carl Martin’s Acoustic GiG might be the only acoustic pedal you need

Boasting echo, reverb, a boost among other useful features.