My Guitar Story

My Guitar Story: Davy Knowles’ PRS Vela

In the latest instalment of My Guitar Story, esteemed blues virtuoso Davy Knowles tells us why his beloved PRS Vela is his number one guitar, and why upgrades he's made include the addition of unicorn stickers.

My Guitar Story: Chris Buck’s Highway One Stratocaster

In the latest installment of My Guitar Story, revered guitar player Chris Buck details the story behind his somewhat surprising number one guitar, his beloved 2004 Fender Highway One Stratocaster.

My Guitar Story: Josh Smith’s new Ibanez signature, the Flat V1

The seasoned session guitarist breaks down the inspiration and R&D behind his undeniably cool new signature model, the Ibanez Flat V1, equipped with his signature Seymour Duncan pickups and some tasteful appointments