Thursday, September 19, 2019

Tag: Pop

Justice Der is bringing contemporary R&B and hip-hop to the guitar

"Maybe the traditional methods don’t align with newer trends, but the guitar is one of the most flexible and 'in-demand' instruments in music right now," the young guitarist says.

Matty Healy of The 1975 has a seriously impressive vintage guitar...

Including guitars played by Blondie and the Ramones – check them out here.

“I don’t play video games. I’m at home playing guitar and...

The indie-upstart on how it all started, his recent penchant for R&B and why guitars are cooler than pianos.

Ed Sheeran beats U2 to claim record for highest-grossing tour ever

The pop megastar has also beaten U2 when it came to attendance figures and days spent on tour.

The secret life of José González

The Argentine-Swedish singer-songwriter on his guitar heroes, soundtracks, working with orchestras, DJ’ing and studying biochemistry.

Yola on her journey from homelessness and poverty to writing an...

The singer-songwriter on privilege, toxic band environments and why picking up a guitar helped her finally get the songs out of her head.

Vanessa ‘VAVÁ’ Wheeler shows off her arresting guitar collection

Vanessa Wheeler’s genre-bending take on modern guitar pop is as exhilarating and unpredictable as her guitar collection. We head to Vanessa’s Los Angeles home to check out the technicolor tools of her trade.

Join José González in conversation with

Hear from the indie-folk guitarist and singer-songwriter Charlie Lim as they discuss their craft, gear and more ahead of their concert in Singapore next week.

For intrepid guitarist Charlie Lim, style is ever-shifting

“If you’re so used to playing the same thing over and over again, you just sound like you’re practising.”

Charlie Cunningham’s major-label debut combines the beauty of flamenco guitar with...

The London-via-Seville nylon-string player takes us on a more mature and introspective journey on Permanent Way, his first outing for a major label.

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