Asher Marc Ford Signature Review

A star guitar from California that melds classic Strat and LP Special influences. We find out if you can have your cake and eat it…

Artist Collection: Matt Armstrong – The Beat Goes On

A contemporary curator of budget beat tools, Matt Armstrong has an array of classic amps and period guitars. G&B talks Mersey beats and authentic tones with The Kaisers’ former rhythm guitarist and the band’s long-standing frontman…

Paul Kossoff’s ‘Stripped’ Les Paul

In 1974, Paul Kossoff’s drug problem was spiralling out of control. He sold a number of guitars, including the iconic ‘stripped’ Les Paul. The guitar hasn’t seen the light of day since the mid-1990s, but we were recently granted a world-exclusive audience with one of the most mysterious Bursts of them all.

Hitmakers: Brian May Red Special

A closer look at the guitar the Queen guitarist lovingly calls, "the old girl".

Hitmakers: Scotty Moore 1952 Gibson ES-295

The big, bold jazzbox that shared the stage with the King himself.

Hitmakers: Tommy Tedesco 1960s ‘Stradivarius’ Fender Telecaster

The go-to guitar of the prolific Wrecking Crew sessionist.

Interview: Band Of Skulls

Formed in Southampton, Band Of Skulls have become a formidable hard-rocking trio, releasing fourth album By Default last year. We catch up with the band as they prepare to tour the US and Canada.

Interview: Andy Fairweather Low – How I Got Started

From being inspired by the Stones as a youth to working with Bill Wyman, via success with Amen Corner and rubbing shoulders with Hendrix, Clapton and The Who, G&B hears Andy Fairweather Low’s unique story.

PRS SE Santana & SE Custom 22 Review

Two tasty-looking affordable Korean-made guitars that get closer to the brand’s US-spec models… Ed Mitchell investigates.

10 Top Tips: Charlie Starr – Blackberry Smoke

The guitarist and frontman in Southern-rock kings Blackberry Smoke shares his songwriting advice.