Bruce Springsteen’s charges of DWI and reckless driving dismissed

He pleaded guilty to “consuming alcohol in a closed area” and was handed a $500 fine.

1980s Radiohead demo cassette sells for £6,000

The cassette features unheard tracks and a handwritten note from Thom Yorke.

Roger Taylor quashes rumours that George Michael was slated to replace Freddie Mercury

The Queen Drummer says he wouldn’t have suited the role.

“I’m interested in making a little world out of each song”: Wild Pink on channelling great songwriters on A Billion Little Lights

John Ross on why the New York indie-rockers have brought layers of sound and all manner of stringed instruments to the band’s new LP.

Angus Young reveals he came up with Highway To Hell while sitting on the toilet

The guitarist laid the lyrical golden egg while “sitting on the throne more or less”.

Angus Young shoots down rumours of Bon Scott singing on Back In Black demos

There aren’t any “secret” recordings of Scott singing Hells Bells, it seems.

Guided By Voices announce new album Earth Man Blues

Consisting of a “collage of rejected songs” from the band’s archives.

Guitar Legends: Rory Gallagher – the self-styled ‘working guitarist’ who was touched by genius

Does Ireland’s first guitar hero deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as SRV and Eric Clapton? Quite probably. Rory Gallagher was a pioneer with a sound and style as unique as his battered Fender Strat.