Guitar Shopping S1E1: Bartees Strange

In this first episode of Guitar Shopping, we head down to guitarguitar’s store in the heart of London’s Camden Town with US indie-rocker Bartees Strange. Ahead of his show that evening we spent a few hours casing the store’s well-stocked guitar racks, with Bartees pulling out a variety of cool guitars that caught his eye.

Along the way we meet the stripped-back Epiphone he used to channel his inner Hendrix in front of the mirror when he was a kid, the model that he’s become wedded to for life, the ‘hammer’ design that he thinks might just be the greatest and most versatile electric guitar ever made – and the iconic instrument he uses to noodle on the sofa while watching Antiques Roadshow.

With each new find, you’ll learn more about this unique and inspirational guitar player – and check out some fine and fun guitars along the way.

About This Show

Guitar Shopping takes some of the world’s most exciting guitarists to our favourite guitar stores, and explore the racks and pedal cabinets to learn about their gear highs and lows, the instruments that have defined their journeys and the guitars that they just can’t live without.

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