John Fogerty Plays Hardball With CCR(evisited)News
Like the Hatfields and McCoys, the longest running feud in rock and roll is still bubbling over with
Greg Howe Demos New Signature Model GuitarNews
Guitar whiz Greg Howe has unveiled his new signature model guitar with manufacturer Carvin.
It Isn't Easy To Be A Producer or EngineerNews
Don't worry, we'll fix it in the mix: Outrageously funny video shows the ugly truth about pop stars.
Glen Campbell Documentary Shines Spotlight on Alzheimer’s DiseaseNews
Glen Campbell’s 50-year journey through the music industry saw him sell nearly 50 million copies of


New Gear: Wireless “Jack” is First Wi-Fi Guitar TransmitterColumns
Guitar players have had wireless options for decades, but a new device out of Scotland is about to c
New Gear: A Little Thunder PickupsColumns
Octave pedals have been around since the beginning of time, right?

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