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Mesa Boogie Rectifiers

Gibson acquires iconic boutique amp brand Mesa/Boogie

The brand is set to be "Gibson's Custom Shop for amplifiers".

Mesa/Boogie refreshes the Rectifier series with Badlander 100 and 50 tube amps

With selectable power tubes, Mesa's CabClone IR-loader and more.

Mesa/Boogie announces Cleo, Dynaplex and Gold Mine overdrive pedals

These feisty stompers each cover their own range of the gain spectrum.

Mesa Boogie expands the Subway series with the TT-800

The new compact bass amplifier is rated at a huge 800 watts.

Mesa/Boogie unveils the new Mark Five: 25 1×10 guitar amp

The compact combo is also joined by a Boogie 1x10 extension cabinet.

Mesa/Boogie launches CabClone IR and IR+ cab sims

Mesa/Boogie has entered the small form-factor cabinet simulator world and launched the CabClone IR and IR+ cab sims. Cab sims are becoming an ever popular...

Gibson returns Oberheim trademark to namesake founder as “gesture of good will”

After over three decades, synth pioneer Tom Oberheim has reclaimed the rights to his brand and intellectual property.

Mesa Boogie revs up the power with new 100-watt Fillmore amp

Featuring the same winning formula as its 25- and 50-watt siblings.

Mesa Boogie debuts California Tweed 6V6 4:40 amp

Inspired by five decades of tweed-based, 6V6 magic.

NAMM 2019: Mesa Boogie digs deep with new additions to Subway line-up

Namely, the WD-800 Bass Amp, three new Ultra-Lite bass cabinets, and the Plus Bass DI-preamp.