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Dunlop reveals new dual-inductor “Custom Badass” Cry Baby wah

A “kickswitch” on the side of the pedal allows for easy changing between two wah voices.

Dunlop announces limited edition Tom Morello Cry Baby Wah

This custom Crybaby GCB95 has a red finish and bears quotes selected by Morello himself.

Dunlop announces a pint-sized auto-returning wah, the Crybaby CBM535AR

Giving players access to the iconic wah sound in a pedalboard-friendly size.

NAMM 2020: Dunlop drops a huge release of pedals, set-up kits and signature picks

Including a new bass preamp, fixed wah, fuzz and more.

Review: Dunlop GCJ95 Gary Clark Jr Cry Baby & DB01B Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell

If you think all wah-wah pedals just go ‘wah’, these two latest signature models from Dunlop’s ever-expanding Cry Baby range are different enough to set you straight.

Jim Dunlop unveils the new Way Huge Smalls Pork & Pickle

The Bass Overdrive & Fuzz now comes in a smaller package.

Review: Dunlop Authentic Hendrix ’69 Psych Series Pedals

Jimi will forever be the guitarist’s guitarist – and these four trippy-looking miniature stompers are designed to bring his fuzzed-out, spaced-out magic to modern pedalboards.

Summer NAMM 2019: Dunlop unveils Jimi Hendrix-themed ’69 Psych series of micro pedals

Three fuzzes and a Leslie-esque chorus in pedalboard-friendly sizes.

Review: Dunlop Siete Santos Octavio Fuzz & Jerry Cantrell Cry Baby Wah

These hefty chunks of engineering have been launched in honour of two very different artists in Billy Gibbons and Jerry Cantrell, but they both have the same job: to help you rock like a mutha.

Guitar gear innovator Jim Dunlop Sr has died

The influential founder of Dunlop Manufacturing – creator of picks, capos, effects and more –passes away.