Darran Charles

The guitar secrets that podcaster Craig Garber has learned from hundreds of A-list players

The Everyone Loves Guitar host has interviewed some of the most iconic guitarists of all time, and along the way he’s learned a lot about what makes a guitarists successful. 

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A rock ’n’ roll machine at heart with switching options that could make it the ultimate session player’s guitar.

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This highly evolved rock machine may be built for speed but it has plenty to offer blues and funk players too.

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An ancient and sharp-edged weapon from Music Man’s past has been forged anew for the modern player. But can it cut it?

“Everyone’s seemed to welcome the diversity”: Nili Brosh on her esoteric new solo record

The virtuoso shredder on Michael Jackson, Dethklok, and why she can’t put one very special Ibanez guitar down.

“You don’t get a medal at the end – you drop dead!” Joe Satriani on 30 years of pushing guitar boundaries

The legendary virtuoso on the lessons learnt over the course of his long career and how his passion for the new helped him create genre-hopping new album Shapeshifting.

Review: Framus D-Series Diablo Supreme & Idolmaker

Made in China using German engineering and American electronics, are these models a match made in heaven or diabolus in musica?

Angel Vivaldi’s music is like winemaking: “It takes a while and is a long process but is so much better as time goes on”

The prog-metal virtuoso opens up on his new signature model, the challenges of developing your own guitar, and why he loves concept albums

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The latest, affordable version of Steve Lukather’s Music Man Luke III signature model offers a taste of luxury rarely seen at this price point.

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Charvel adds another string to its bow with a signature seven-string for an American prog-metal virtuoso.