Darran Charles

“My fanbase was amazingly angry”: Plini on his new album, signature guitars and ‘that’ Doja Cat controversy

The Australian virtuoso on how the pandemic was a blessing in disguise for his second LP, Impulse Voices, how he dealt with Doja Cat ripping off his song on MTV, and why he needs to listen to more Steely Dan.

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In addition to building guitars for many other brands, Cort continues to provide its rivals with fierce competition thanks to a well-appointed range of in-house designs.

John Petrucci on why recording guitar is like beard trimming

As the Dream Theater guitarist welcomes just his second solo album into the world, we caught up with the hirsute 53-year-old to talk tone, technique and his grooming regimen.

Review: Fractal Audio FM3

All of your guitar recording and performance needs catered for in one box? Fractal repackages its groundbreaking Axe-Fx III amp-modelling and effects tech into a floor unit the size of a compact pedalboard.