Richard Purvis

The Big Review: Will Universal Audio’s entry into the guitar pedal market send boutique brands scurrying for cover?

The Astra Modulation Machine, Starlight Echo Station and Golden Reverberator claim to deliver “sonic authenticity far beyond other stompboxes” – but can they live up to the premium-priced hype?

Review: JHS Pedals Legends Of Fuzz Series

JHS pays tribute to the biggest milestones in fuzz history with remakes of four classic stompers – but they’re not quite as faithful as they seem.

Review: Walrus Audio Mako Series ACS1

Gunning unapologetically for a certain little black box from California, Walrus’s first amp and cab sim refines the formula with some interesting tweaks.

Review: EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny

Plenty of digital reverb pedals have one or two options for adding an ethereal upper octave, but this eight-mode beast is a dedicated shimmer machine

Review: Boss Pocket GT

This smartphone-sized headphone guitar amp and multi-effects unit could be the perfect accessory for learners… or anyone with unappreciative housemates

Review: Boss Waza-Air

It wowed the crowds at NAMM 2020 with its ‘amp in a room’ spatial audio, but is Boss’s wireless headset really a groundbreaking gadget for silent strumming?