Echopark DT Series The 59

Review: Echopark DT Series The 59

Now built in the heart of Motor City, Echopark Guitars continue to make waves. This stripped-down rock ’n’ roll machine certainly looks the part, but how does it sound?

Review: Echopark Esperanto 313

An outrageously cool semi with Queens Of The Stone Age in its DNA and a neck to die for.

The Money Shot: Echopark Case Study Bakersfield Custom Carved Top

We’ve been wowed by Gabriel Currie’s Echopark guitars before, and this is no exception – it’s is a symphony of aged tonewoods.

Echopark F-2 Dual Stage Fuzz Review

This artfully minimalistic unit wants to take us back to the birth of fuzz – we set the controls for the heart of retro raucousness.

Echopark Model J review & Interview with Gabriel Currie, the man behind Echopark Guitars

After spending his formative years learning from the master at G&L, here’s Gabriel Currie’s collision of two of Leo’s finest. Chris Vinnicombe turns up the reverb…

Echopark Guitars releases new effects pedal The Dual-Harmonic boost

The Dual-Harmonic boost is made up of two separate pre-amp boost circuits that can be used independently or in conjunction with each other to give you a whole range of harmonically rich tones.


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