The best guitar amplifiers to buy in 2021: 11 best pedal platform amps

Looking for a good partner-in-crime for your pedalboard?

Review: Two-Rock Studio Signature head

If the big-bottle and big-iron sound is your thing, but a 100-watt power stage is too much, check out this medium-sized solution from California.

Two-Rock Bloomfield Drive Combo Review

If you like the idea of a Dumble-style amp with realistic power levels and a forgiving, player-friendly feel, this may be the Two-Rock for you.

Two-Rock Burnside Review

With designer Bill Krinard back on board at Two-Rock, this latest offering promises vintage and modern tweed voicings in one amp.

Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature Review

Joe Bonamassa and John Mayer are among those who have used Two-Rock’s Dumble-inspired wonder machines. We find out how the latest incarnation of the Classic Reverb stacks up.