Wednesday, November 13, 2019


The Chuck Berry ES-350T

Nine new electric and acoustic guitars: November 2019

Our favourite new electric guitar announcements, releases and rumours of the past month.

10 best modelling amps to buy in 2019

Here we've rounded up the 10 best modelling amps in the biz so you can keep tweaking to find your dream amp tone even after you've bought your amp.

The best metal guitars, amps and pedals to buy in 2019

We pick out some of the best guitars, pedals and amps for playing metal in 2019.

10 best Stratocaster neck pickups to buy in 2019

Now is the time to mix and match your new single coil set with our handy guide on the ten best Stratocaster neck pickups.

10 best power supplies to buy in 2019

To save you the hassle of trawling the internet for the best available, we’ve picked out the 10 power supplies we believe are the best on the market today.

13 best boost pedals to buy in 2019

Whether you use it to tickle your tone or send an amp into overdrive, boost stompboxes are invaluable tools in any guitarist's rig.
DIY speaker cabinet

DIY Workshop: How to build a speaker cabinet (Part One)

Following on from our Bell & Howell Filmosound projector amp conversion project, it’s time to make some decisions about speakers and figure out how to house it in a cabinet.

The history of the Fender Custom Shop

Over the last 30 years, the Fender Custom Shop has rewritten the rules of high-end guitars and blurred the line between big name brands and boutique instruments.

10 new pedals and effects units: October 2019

Our favourite new stompbox announcements, releases and rumours of the past month.

12 best looper pedals to buy in 2019

Here we run through the 12 best and most versatile loopers on the market, from simple one-knob wonders to pedals that look like the dashboard of the Millenium Falcon.

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