Royal Blood – Typhoons Review: A technicolour major-label pop monster

After a rapid, turbulent rise in which the Brighton two-piece released a pair of No.1 albums, bass-wielding frontman Mike Kerr takes stock on a confessional yet colourful third.

The Genius Of… Origin of Symmetry by Muse

Demonstrating gigantic ambition and a musical finesse that would lead the trio to global ascendancy, Origin of Symmetry was a compelling mission statement, and one which brought Matt Bellamy’s ingenious guitar approach to the fore.

The Genius Of… Achtung Baby by U2

Achtung Baby is now acclaimed as U2’s finest achievement, but the 1991 album nearly didn’t get made. In fact, its beginnings nearly split the Irish band apart.

The Big Listen: Ed Cosens – Fortunes Favour

Reverend And The Makers’ guitarist goes it alone on a debut solo album that pays homage to two of his esteemed Sheffield peers yet achieves a charming elegance all of its own.

The Genius Of… Out Of Time By R.E.M.

R.E.M. were exhausted when they started writing the follow-up to 1989’s Green. By the time they’d finished, they had their first No. 1 record – and a pair of unforgettable hit singles – on their hands.